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LBC Lifeline helps people of all backgrounds and ages to achieve their potential and improve their quality of life. We are a resource that provides support and enablement in various areas of life including learning, personal development, mentoring, skills training, enterprise development, employment skills, job search and job placements.
Our Business support activities aim to inspire and support enterprise as a means of improving incomes and fighting poverty. We support a project promoting the welfare of rural tea farmers and small tea manufacturing businesses in Kenya by importing their teas to the UK and marketing it through a network of tea traders and retail businesses. We also sell the Kenya tea through a specialty tea room in Machester - Jambo Tea Room, located in Old Trafford.

Our Mission

To extend a helping hand and to provide a resource that supports and gives hope in place of despair, strength in place of defeat and growth and realization of potential to the disadvantaged in society, to contribute towards overcoming ignorance, hunger, homelessness, poor health and all forms of deprivation and poverty and to promote self-advancement, growth and development to be able to feed, clothe, educate, live healthy lives, and break the cycle of poverty for individuals, groups and communities.

Our Programmes

Our range of programmes is designed to provide holistic support to individuals, groups and communities to address multiple problems and issues. Our programmes ensure everyone is given the opportunity they deserve regardless of age or background to make a lasting and sustainable impact on their lives and the lives of others. Our programmes are designed to address a wide range of social issues and concerns.

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