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LBC Lifeline helps people of all backgrounds and ages to achieve their potential and improve their quality of life. We are a resource that provides support and enablement in various areas of life including learning, personal development, mentoring, skills training, enterprise development, employment skills, job search and job placements.

Our Mission

To extend a helping hand and to provide a resource that supports and gives hope in place of despair, strength in place of defeat and growth and realization of potential to the disadvantaged in society, to contribute towards overcoming ignorance, hunger, homelessness, poor health and all forms of deprivation and poverty and to promote self-advancement, growth and development to be able to feed, clothe, educate, live healthy lives, and break the cycle of poverty for individuals, groups and communities.

Our Programmes

Our range of programmes is designed to provide holistic support to individuals, groups and communities to address multiple problems and issues. Our programmes ensure everyone is given the opportunity they deserve regardless of age or background to make a lasting and sustainable impact on their lives and the lives of others. Our programmes are designed to address a wide range of social issues and concerns.

The Kenya Tea Project

LBC Tea Marketing is the commercial arm of LBC Lifeline Resource Charity dedicated to marketing of tea and other commodities from Kenya and promoting, supporting and inspiring development of enterprise in Kenya and the UK. We work with cooperative factories representing small-holder rural tea farmers and small businesses and tea packers in Kenya producing a wide range of organic health-promoting herbal teas. We promote and inspire enterprise by supporting a network of individual tea traders in the UK. These initiatives enable the charity to contribute towards improvement of incomes, welfare and securing of jobs. We market Kenya Tea in the UK and EU. We offer a range of branded Kenya Teas by the top farmers' blending and packing company in Kenya (KETEPA). All branded teas are packed to highest standards under International ISO 9000 Standard. Please contact us to obtain our price list and place an order for branded black teas (Tea bags & loose-leaf tea), fruit and herbal teas and Green tea. We also supply wholesale tea of various grades for blending and packing by tea sellers. The teas include those manufactured under the traditional orthodox method for green, black and purple teas. Orders are shipped directly from Kenya to meet customer specifications. Small orders are fulfilled from our UK stocks. Please let us know your requirements. The social impacts of the project are across borders – supporting farmers and small tea producers and packers in Kenya to improve marketing of their products to improve incomes, employment and welfare. We also support a network of tea traders and retailers in the UK to access good quality teas for sale to UK consumers. Successful small businesses will impact not just the lives of the business owners but those of their families, neighbours and entire communities. Along with its main socio-economic aims, project also illustrates the story of the trustees - the tea project is partly our story – local Kenyan men and women living in the UK going back to the community they were raised in Kenya and initiating a project that improves incomes and the welfare people. The project takes us back to our ancestral roots, sourcing the tea from the local tea factories where our families, relatives and wider community members send their teas for processing and marketing. Please contact us at; LBC Marketing LBC Lifeline Resource Ltd Oakland House, Talbot Road Manchester M16 0PQ Tel: 01613122702/07925388812 Email: [email protected] Website: https://ueni.com/b/lbc-lifeline-resource Charity Number 1156506 improve employment opportunities, both in Kenya and the UK.

Employment skills Training

The programme recognises that one of the reasons people are unemployed is because they lack the skills required by employers. The project responds to this need by offering training, coaching and support to individuals and community groups in key employment skills to make them attractive to employers and to develop the capability to compete in the job market. We work with a network of independent trainers, business consultants, career and employment advisors and volunteers who will help to deliver training, support and publicity to beneficiaries. We also aim to work with community leaders, faith groups and other charities to mobilise participants and jointly deliver and coordinate the training activities. We create a database of beneficiaries and provide reporting to our funding partners of project outcomes and impact of the training. Training targets people who are unemployed and inactive and will improve their status and capability to take advantage of opportunities. With newly developed and improved skills the beneficiaries will be more confident and competitive in the job market, standing a chance of finding work. This will improve their socio-economic welfare and that of immediate families but indirectly impact on their neighbours and community as well. The need for skills development and training is ever-present and growing in society. Statistics demonstrate the need to reduce unemployment is spread across all age groups, gender and communities.

Business skills Development

The business training and advisory programme for the benefit of prospective entrepreneurs - people considering business as a viable alternative to employment and help to equip them with key skills necessary to initiate and run small businesses successfully and profitably. We provide training in key skills for business such generating business ideas, planning, budgeting, financing a business, purchasing stock, producing a product or service for sale, keeping records, customer services, marketing and promotion, employing staff, etc. The impact of this training is that beneficiaries acquire knowledge and build confidence to take initiatives and start small businesses, manage business risks and make appropriate business decisions. We also providing advice, coaching and support services to help individuals and groups in areas of developing and running viable business activities. As an example, one of our recent training events aimed at empowering the women of the African Caribbean Community to gain skills for business under the theme “Women in Enterprise”. The workshops approached the training from the perspective of a “successful black business woman”. At the end of the sessions, the women reflected that they had been enthused to become one such successful black business women. It is expected that improvement in business skills will result in some of the beneficiaries starting small businesses, thereby improving their incomes and status and offering products and services beneficial to the wider community.

Inspiring Enterprise

This programme recognizes that lack of economic activity leads to low incomes, poverty and dependence on state support and proposes to inspire, mobilise and support potential for enterprise and other viable economic activity by individuals, groups and communities. Through the training and business support we aim to motivate and inspire beneficiaries to overcome fears, inhibitions and other barriers to develop and run successful businesses. The services help to develop enterprise spirit and economic activity and capability in individuals and groups to identify and exploit viable business opportunities and potential and access the resources necessary to take advantage of those opportunities. This service is an integral part of the training, providing one-on-one contacts and support which have enabled beneficiaries to start businesses such as vehicle garages, retail, catering, travel, healthcare, security and cleaning.


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